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Hello! My name is Julisse, I am a 2D Animator based in Brooklyn. I've previously worked with FacultyNY, SomosArte, and Augenblick Studios. Currently open for work!

Quick Fun Facts:-I grew up in sunny Puerto Rico.
-Whenever I see a dog, my heart does a happy backflip.
-I speak Spanish!
-I'm friends with a Beluga Whale, his name is Juno!

Demo Reel 2022

La Borinqueña PSA Video 2022 (AE Animation)

"Kenni Koala" (2021)

Duocon 2022 Animatic

"Romantic A-Peel" (2020)

La Borinqueña PSA Videos 2020 (After Effects Animation)

CanvasDX characters - FACULTY (2021)

Early design explorations:

El Coquí - Freelance Work (2021)

The Lu Family - Personal Project

Kenni Koala - Thesis Film (2021)

"Romantic A-Peel"

These designs were done for a collaborative short film by Shawn Sipes and myself.

Kenni Koala (2021 Thesis Film)

Character Designs

Early Concepts

Color Script


Figure and Gesture Drawings

Huevember 2022

Huevember is a daily art challenge where you create a piece of art daily following the assigned hue for each day. This year I added a style challenge on top of it, drawing iconic characters and figures in different cartoon art styles.

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