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Hello! My name is Julisse, I am a 2D Animator based in Brooklyn. I've previously worked with FacultyNY, SomosArte, and Augenblick Studios. Currently open for freelance!

Quick Fun Facts:-I grew up in sunny Puerto Rico.
-Whenever I see a dog, my heart does a happy backflip.
-I speak Spanish!
-I'm friends with a Beluga Whale, his name is Juno!

Demo Reel

La Borinqueña PSA Video 2022 (AE Animation)

"Kenni Koala" (2021)

Monster High Mysteries S2 Reel

Duocon 2022 Animatic

"Romantic A-Peel" (2020)

La Borinqueña PSA Videos 2020 (After Effects Animation)

Avatar Academy Application Pieces 2023

Caspian Concept Art - Dungeons & Dragons Character 2023

CanvasDX Designs - FACULTY (2021)

Early design explorations:

El Coquí - Freelance Work (2021)

The Lu Family - Personal Project

Kenni Koala - Thesis Film (2021)

"Romantic A-Peel"

These designs were done for a collaborative short film by Shawn Sipes and myself.

Kenni Koala (2021 Thesis Film)

Character Designs

Early Concepts

Color Script


Figure and Gesture Drawings

Huevember 2022

Huevember is a daily art challenge where you create a piece of art daily following the assigned hue for each day. This year I added a style challenge on top of it, drawing iconic characters and figures in different cartoon art styles.

Miscellaneous Fan Art

Adventure Time X Chainsaw Man

Winx Club Re-designed

Bad Bunny Tribute


Welcome to this secret spot on my website, the following are my pieces meant specifically for my application to Avatar Academy.
Other designs and relevant drawings on the other tabs in the top navigation.
I hope you enjoy!

The following is a work in progress from a project I hope to return to. My goal is to create a video inspired by the opening sequence from the Avatar shows with the adult Gaang designs and Uncle Iroh narrating.

The following images are designs I made for this opportunity.

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